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Name:Cody Alan Gossett, Jr.
Birthdate:Sep 12
Cody Alan Gossett, Jr. (or CJ, depending on which of his friends you ask), is the son of a studio guitarist and the receptionist at one of the recording studios where he made his living. They met in the country music capital of the world, Nashville, TN, where Cody, Sr. had moved in hopes of playing in a band with some famous singer or another, and Mariah had grown up, born and raised by an old-school Nashville family. The pair hit it off immediately, and it led to a whirlwind romance, with Mariah realizing she was pregnant only a few short weeks later. Being an old-fashioned Southerner, her father insisted that the couple be married, and a shotgun wedding occurred when Mariah was only eight weeks along.

Things were never easy for the young couple, what with Cody keeping secret an addiction to cocaine, and Mariah struggling to figure out what was wrong without knowing the truth. Things seemed to be looking up when Cody, Jr. was born, but when he was three months old, his father died, losing his battle with addiction and overdosing on cocaine.

While she was heartbroken that things ended so horribly, Mariah was determined to be a good mother, and poured her heart and soul into raising her son, while trying her damnedest to keep him out of the music business, believing that to be at least partially to blame for his father's death. But the thing she couldn't escape was that Cody was born with the lion's share of his father's talent, and love for music. Cody grew up extremely close to his mom, but he couldn't hold back the love of music, and she eventually learned to live with it.

One thing he was never lacking in was confidence... or at least the ability to fake it really well when it came to the popular kids. It was that particular skill that brought him most of his popularity in high school, where he got a lot of attention for his musical skill. He wasn't much for sports, but had a lot of friends who were, which managed to keep him even more in the know for all the events that the popular kids attended. Everything changed for him, however, when he met Jessica Sanderson his sophomore year of high school. It wasn't quite love at first sight, but it was definite attraction, and it didn't take very long for them to start dating, and develop a very strong relationship. While Cody was hardly the academic type, he worked hard, and his love of music helped him a lot with making a good impression on her parents, a record producer and a country music star. Everybody seemed sure that Jessica and Cody would go the distance, despite their occasional fights (the product of two very strong personalities), some of their friends even teasing them that they wanted invites to the wedding.

But Jessica had big dreams after high school -- dreams of medical school. And as much as Cody loved her, he always worried that he'd hold her back. School wasn't his strong point, and he always found himself wondering if maybe she wouldn't be happier dating someone smarter than him. It was his insecurities that led to him doing what he thought was the right thing, but would only turn out to be the most painful thing he ever did -- for both of them.

After the prom, when Jessica went home feeling ill, Cody remained behind at the after party they were attending, promising to come to Jessica's house afterward and check on her. He sat down with a couple of his friends and ended up falling asleep on the sofa at the house. The next Monday at school, one of Jessica's sworn enemies, a stereotypical slutty cheerleader, had spread a rumor around the whole school that Cody had fucked her at the party, and while Jessica didn't want to believe it at first, she confronted Cody, heartbroken to even think that he would do that to her. All he really had to do was assure her that he'd never cheated on her, but all he could see was the chance to set her free so that she could be a doctor like she'd always wanted without a guy like him to hold her back. So he didn't deny the accusations, and a heartbroken Jessica broke things off with him, going on to pursue her dream of being a doctor at Harvard.

Cody, on the other hand, stayed in Nashville for years after the fact, training with some of the best producers in the industry. He loved playing music, but his dream had always been to produce, especially after the years spent growing closer to Jessica's father, who'd taught him a lot along the way. Years later, he's finally a respected producer in his own right, and recently relocated to New York City, fully prepared to make a change. As much as he loves his hometown, everything about it reminds him of Jessica, and no other girl has ever come close. He's tried his hardest to date again and move on, but every woman he's been with has only reminded him that much more of how much he misses her. So he carries on, hoping that one day, he'll find the right girl, and not feel so damn alone.
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